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Field of application of the Zolar meter

Device is designed to measure ash content in samples of raw and enriched (washed) coal. Zolar ash
content meter is used in industrial conditions work: in-storage and in-truck ash content measuring, checking
coal quality at power plants.

Meter advantages

Zolar ash content meter is designed to measure ash content in coal located in storage (in piles), in
trucks or railway carriages etc. Device’s simple construction and easy system navigation provide high working
reliability and simplify ash content measuring procedure. Device is calibrated on coal with known ash
content. Internal memory results save and Wi-Fi data transfer allow writing necessary reports.

Modus operandi

Zolar ash content meter measures natural gamma-radiation of coal. As a result of different geological
and geophysical processes gamma-ray emitting micro-impurities of naturally-radiating elements (Uranium,
Radium, Thorium, Potassium) are concentrated mostly in coal mineral substances and are present in organic
substance just in small amounts. That means that there is correlative dependency of ash content on gamma
radiation. That fact was verified by many scientific studies. And based on this fact, we made Zolar’s modus
operandi possible.
The device contains no radioactive sources, so that makes Zolar safe in terms of radiological